The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is one of the most important rules of the Wiccan path. This belief means that whatever energy you send out into the world, it comes back to you three-fold. This is always important to remember because if you send out negative energy, it will come back to you times three.

Blessed be.



Salem, MA

In October of 2014, and I took a vacation to New Hampshire. The resort we stayed at was only an hour away from the famous Salem, MA. We decided to go on Halloween as neither of us have every been there. It was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. You can feel the energy coming off the town. I saw so much love and acceptance from a town famous for its murders of accused witches.

First a small bit of history: in 1692 twenty people were executed after being accused of witchcraft, which was a religious crime. This was a really of mass hysteria when people believed witchcraft was about worshipping the Christian Devil and demons. Most historians have concluded that no witch was actually executed. These innocent men, women, and children endured cruel treatment during their “hearings” and we’re subsequently hanged. One man was even pressed to death by rocks being placed on his body. This is a horrific part of our history. The city of Salem however no longer reflects these prejudices.

Primarily the city is a major tourist destination. But you can feel and see the magic there. There are many witch shops that offer supplies, tarot reading, and education on the Wiccan path.

Everyone I encountered in Salem was very nice and pleasant. I asked many questions of several merchants who I came across. This was during my early days of my Wiccan path so I was very curious. Everyone helped me to the best of their ability and one person even directed me to another shop where I could be better helped.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Salem, I would certainly advise you to go. It is a beautiful city with a lot of magical energy running through it. The people are all polite and you can even see some of the film locations of Hocus Pocus!

Blessed be.



Creating Your Sacred Space

Merry meet.

A sacred space is important for every witch to have. It is her ritual space, her safe space. It is a spot to feel physically safe as well as spiritually safe. A sacred space connects a witch to her magic. Though creating a sacred space is an important matter, it should be relatively simple.

Explore your surroundings. The best space is somewhere that you feel connected with nature. You don’t necessarily need it to be outside though. For some of our urban witches, this can be almost impossible. But that connection with nature needs to happen. If that means opening a window or door, so be it. If you have the luxury of an outdoor space, then my advice would be to use it as much as possible.

My ritual space is actually the hearth of my fireplace. When I am kneeling at it, I have a large glass door to my left which helps my magical connection. I live in a predominantly cold region of the United States so my outside rituals are few and far between. Only my Yule ritual and the ones during my warmer months are held outside. I have a lovely space in my garden that I enjoy using when the weather cooperates.

There are many magical places around the world that every witch should try to visit. These places include Stonehenge and Machu Pichu, just to name a couple. These are places of immense power where a witch can commune with nature.

After you have selected your space, you will want to cleanse it. This eliminates any negative energy and allows for the flow of magic. I personally used smudging to cleanse my sacred space. I felt that this was best for myself. Because my then boyfriend and I had recently purchased our home, it was also recommended to me to perform a dedication ritual for my space. I will add this ritual at a later time. This allowed for the space to accept my magic and energy since we were unable to determine the previous owners’ use of the space.

Finding and creating a sacred space is an important step for every witch. This task may be intimidating because of space, location, or weather but do not fret. You will FEEL it when you find your space. It will call out to you. Open your mind and allow the space to tell you.

As always please comment with any questions or suggestions. We are a family here.

Blessed be.


Ostara 2017

Ostara is the Spring Equinox which falls on March 19 this year. It is a time of fertility and to celebrate new growth. Newborn animals are experiencing their first break from winter. The Goddess is now a young maiden who is marrying the young Sun God. 

Ostara is always a favorable time for me. I enjoy winter and all it has to offer nature, but Ostara is the harbinger of spring. I love the daytime so this time of year signifies the transition from the dark winter to a brighter spring time. 

Typically for Ostara I wake at sunrise and meditate while the day welcomes the sun. After meditation I set up my altar in reflection of the blessed day. First I cast my circle. This allows me to purify my space and the objects I will be using. I always burn a yellow candle to reflect the coming spring, and I lay out some lemon halves for a light scent. Lastly I use soft downy feathers that remind me of the new birds. I thank the Goddess for the coming spring and the new growth forming outside. 

To complete my ritual, I close my circle and thank each piece for its participation. Please leave me a comment with any questions you may have. I always would like to know how you are celebrating Ostara. I enjoy different traditions and rituals. 

Blessed be.


Catching Up

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been absent recently (especially after just starting this new home). I was ill for a little while and then I started a new job. Needless to say life has been quite hectic. I am healthy and happy now so blessed be.

I did not have much of an Imbolc celebration because of being sick. I would like to go back soon to fully explain how I would normally celebrate Imbolc. Some new readers may not be familiar with the festival or are looking for ways to adapt their own celebrations. That is one thing I honor here: everyone’s individuality.

Wicca is all about every person being able to practice in their own ways. As long as you follow the basic tenets of the Law of Three and Blessed Be, you are welcome.

Important Dates

For Wiccans there are many important dates throughout the year. The Wiccan year runs from October 31 to October 30, so we are a little late for this list, but still plenty of time to celebrate the Goddess. Here is a list for 2016:

February 1: Imbolc

February 8: New Moon

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 22: Full Moon

March 9: New Moon

March 20: Ostara

March 23: Full Moon

April 7: New Moon

April 22: Earth Day

April 27: Full Moon

May 1: Beltane

May 6: New Moon

May 21: Full Moon

June 5: New Moon

June 20: Full Moon & Litha

July 4: New Moon

July 19: Full Moon

August 1: Lughnasadh

August 2: New Moon

August 18: Full Moon

September 1: New Moon

September 16: Full Moon

September 22: Mabon

October 1: New Moon

October 16: Full Moon

October 30: New Moon (Dark Moon)

October 31: Samhain