Important Dates

For Wiccans there are many important dates throughout the year. The Wiccan year runs from October 31 to October 30, so we are a little late for this list, but still plenty of time to celebrate the Goddess. Here is a list for 2016:

February 1: Imbolc

February 8: New Moon

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 22: Full Moon

March 9: New Moon

March 20: Ostara

March 23: Full Moon

April 7: New Moon

April 22: Earth Day

April 27: Full Moon

May 1: Beltane

May 6: New Moon

May 21: Full Moon

June 5: New Moon

June 20: Full Moon & Litha

July 4: New Moon

July 19: Full Moon

August 1: Lughnasadh

August 2: New Moon

August 18: Full Moon

September 1: New Moon

September 16: Full Moon

September 22: Mabon

October 1: New Moon

October 16: Full Moon

October 30: New Moon (Dark Moon)

October 31: Samhain



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