Creating Your Sacred Space

Merry meet.

A sacred space is important for every witch to have. It is her ritual space, her safe space. It is a spot to feel physically safe as well as spiritually safe. A sacred space connects a witch to her magic. Though creating a sacred space is an important matter, it should be relatively simple.

Explore your surroundings. The best space is somewhere that you feel connected with nature. You don’t necessarily need it to be outside though. For some of our urban witches, this can be almost impossible. But that connection with nature needs to happen. If that means opening a window or door, so be it. If you have the luxury of an outdoor space, then my advice would be to use it as much as possible.

My ritual space is actually the hearth of my fireplace. When I am kneeling at it, I have a large glass door to my left which helps my magical connection. I live in a predominantly cold region of the United States so my outside rituals are few and far between. Only my Yule ritual and the ones during my warmer months are held outside. I have a lovely space in my garden that I enjoy using when the weather cooperates.

There are many magical places around the world that every witch should try to visit. These places include Stonehenge and Machu Pichu, just to name a couple. These are places of immense power where a witch can commune with nature.

After you have selected your space, you will want to cleanse it. This eliminates any negative energy and allows for the flow of magic. I personally used smudging to cleanse my sacred space. I felt that this was best for myself. Because my then boyfriend and I had recently purchased our home, it was also recommended to me to perform a dedication ritual for my space. I will add this ritual at a later time. This allowed for the space to accept my magic and energy since we were unable to determine the previous owners’ use of the space.

Finding and creating a sacred space is an important step for every witch. This task may be intimidating because of space, location, or weather but do not fret. You will FEEL it when you find your space. It will call out to you. Open your mind and allow the space to tell you.

As always please comment with any questions or suggestions. We are a family here.

Blessed be.



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