Salem, MA

In October of 2014, and I took a vacation to New Hampshire. The resort we stayed at was only an hour away from the famous Salem, MA. We decided to go on Halloween as neither of us have every been there. It was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. You can feel the energy coming off the town. I saw so much love and acceptance from a town famous for its murders of accused witches.

First a small bit of history: in 1692 twenty people were executed after being accused of witchcraft, which was a religious crime. This was a really of mass hysteria when people believed witchcraft was about worshipping the Christian Devil and demons. Most historians have concluded that no witch was actually executed. These innocent men, women, and children endured cruel treatment during their “hearings” and we’re subsequently hanged. One man was even pressed to death by rocks being placed on his body. This is a horrific part of our history. The city of Salem however no longer reflects these prejudices.

Primarily the city is a major tourist destination. But you can feel and see the magic there. There are many witch shops that offer supplies, tarot reading, and education on the Wiccan path.

Everyone I encountered in Salem was very nice and pleasant. I asked many questions of several merchants who I came across. This was during my early days of my Wiccan path so I was very curious. Everyone helped me to the best of their ability and one person even directed me to another shop where I could be better helped.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Salem, I would certainly advise you to go. It is a beautiful city with a lot of magical energy running through it. The people are all polite and you can even see some of the film locations of Hocus Pocus!

Blessed be.




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